Vyk Non


This is a complete list of every gig Vyk Non played:

30/06/2017 Paper Dress Vintage, London
14/06/2017 Colloseum, Koście
13/06/2017 Fuga, Bratislava with Acute Dose
12/06/2017 Chmury, Warszawa with Zwidy
11/06/2017 Potrva', Prague with Kurac
10/06/2017 Chee Chaak Festival, Ostrava
08/06/2017 Kabinet MÚZ, Brno
20/05/2017 Lock Tavern withSports Team, Weird Sex, Skinny MilkDrug Store Romeos, and Career 
12/05/2017 Private Party, London w/ Thee MVPs, The Pacers
20/04/2017 Shacklewell Arms, London w/Long Teeth
22/03/2017 The Windmill, Brixton with Weirds
09/03/2017 London Fields Brewery, London w/ Astral Tide and Worst Place
04/03/2017 Private Party, London w/ Luxury Aparments
24/02/2017 The Alex, Southampton with Melt Dunes
18/02/2017 This Is The Sound Of A Teacup at Gun Factory Studios with Spoilers
09/02/2017 The Finsbury, Harringay with Piano Wire and National Service
01/02/2017 Old Blue Last, Shoreditch with Bête Noire. Grounds, Dame Jean
12/11/2016 Kamio Red Gallery, London with Desperate Journalist, and Sky Between Leaves
01/10/2016 Shacklewell Arms, London with Rats on Rafts
01/10/2016 Southsea Fest (Strong Island), Southsea
17/09/2016 Fluffer Records Custard Thruster #2, London
15/09/2016 Lock Tavern, London with Melt Dunes
25/08/2016 The Waiting Room, London with Spectres, Grimm Grimm, and Retrofuture
22/07/2016 1-2-3-4 Festival Pre Party, London with Dead Pretties, Shame, Sex Cells, Pescatarians eat..
22/07/2016 Shacklewell Arms, London with M!R!M
18/06/2016 Shacklewell Arms, London with Whistlejacket and Sky Between Leaves


Vyk Non has now disbanded. Thank you for your support and for all the wonderful experiances during our short time on this planet. What follows is our former biography.

As any of its members will tell you, the phrase ‘Vyk Non’ technically doesn’t mean anything, but it’s only fitting that the London-based four-piece should identify themselves using words of their own devise. With a cacophony of noisy guitar and caterwauling vocals over a powerful rhythm section as spiky as their name, Vyk Non are past caring about how other people define them.

Vyk Non are bound together by an apparent enthusiasm for zebras and sounds that come out of left field. But unlike so many experimental acts who lose both their audience and themselves in their meanderings, Vyk Non's vice grip holds their listeners fast regardless of how far off the beaten path they go. Though still nascent as a unit, members of the blistering artpunk act boast a wealth of experience both in the UK and abroad, including stints in hotly-tipped London acts Dressmaker and Sheen.

Following the release of their ‘Distant Stars’ single in July 2016, Vyk Non’s debut six-song EP was released in late August. They heralded its release with a sweaty performance at Stoke Newington’s favourite basement, The Waiting Room, on August 25th.

Charles Potashner: Vocals
Villi Koira: Guitar
Dan Ball: Bass
Kayleigh Cheer: Drums





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